Friday, 25 January 2013

Mushkin enters at CES 2013 with new 960GB Chronos SATA III SSD

The latest addition to the Chronos line of SSDs presents 960 GB space with 2.5” form-factors with serial ATA-6GBs of interface. The most performed cost-optimized current generation Chronos drives are based on LSI Sand Force SF-2281 controllers. Boasts up to 540MB/s reading speed, 430 MB/s and 37000 input/output operations per second. Having much higher storage capacity is combined with the performance and reliability benefits of an SSD which makes this device, a perfect choice for servers and workstations. This latest 960 GB Chronos SATA III SSD stands high at CES 2013


Mushkin makes delivery of advanced computer components and peripherals and with its new launch, you can now enjoy high capacity and high performance storage, meeting marketing needs. If you are working for CAD, animation and other similar applications where the key component is speed, go for 960 GB high-capacity Chronos SSD to get the perfectionism in your work. Shipment of massive 960 SSD will start later this month.


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